This pillow holds a fluffy, generous base of kapok fiber topped with a thin layer sleep-inducing lavender millet hulls.  This is a light pillow that you can easily fluff when needed.


Dust mites despise lavender so you can rest easy knowing you have created an environment they will steer clear of.  


Lavender also induces sleep and keeps your pillow smelling fresh, as if you hung it in out the country air all day, fresh (not a floral scent).   


Kapok will break down and change over the years. Some folks embrace the changes and use their pillow for life but you have the option of changing out the kapok whenever you please.






1 organic, two pocket, zippered insert  (20" X 30")

1 organic, envelope style, pillowcase    (20" X 30")

5 lbs  lavender millet hulls     

2 lbs  kapok fiber