This wedge pillow is great for when you need to prop up a book, I-pad or phone while lying in bed or on the sofa.


Sometimes a pillow between your knees can also reduce pressure to help relieve back pain.  This is your go-to, lightweight pillow to toss behind your head to avoid neck strain while working on your lap top.


This pillow will coordinate in look and feel with your other pillows as it is sewn from the same organic cotton, double knit fabric.


Filled with larger, infused spelt hulls which are easy to remove for when you want to wash the zippered insert. You can order a second wedge case to use as an outer case to make cleaning even easier.




1 organic cotton, zippered, single pocket insert (10" X 15")

(case is sewn skewed to create the wedge shape)

1 lb 8 oz tree rubber infused (washable) spelt hulls