Frequently asked questions

Where should I start?

Start by ordering your sample box to choose the best filling for your project. A sample box ships free and is a small investment to make sure you really know what you will be getting. Next, we suggest thinking about your sleeping environment as this is where you spend a third of your life and since you and your family have intimate contact with your bedding materials, make sure they are safe and chemical free. We will be adding easy to assemble kits to help you replace some of your home goods with ones that are biodegradable, that will help repair the earth, and not do more harm. Our goal is to help our customers break the use and toss cycle by offering products that are better quality, longer lasting, and compostable.

Are all the fillings sold on your store certified organic?

We only choose the best and most natural fillings for our store and we will not carry a filling if we have found it is grown with any chemical herbacide or pesticides. Most fillings that we sell will be repackaged in a non certified facility so they will be shipped sans a certified organic label. We work with a local co-packer who creates jobs for adults with disibilities. This facility is not a certified organic processing facility so any products they re-package for us will not carry the certified organic label even if the product was grown organically. Foraged materials cannot be certified as they are found growing in nature versus farmed. Farmed materials such as our bulk certified organic buckwheat hulls do carry organic certifications as this product is not repackaged. Hemp does not require chemicals to grow and our supplier does hope that they will have their certification process completed within the year. If you have any further questions about growing practices around any of our materials that are not listed on the product details, please feel free to contact us.

How do I know how much to order for my project?

A simple way to determine amounts for smaller projects is to use your judgement and look at the volume photo for each box size. If this is a DIY project, use a volume calculator to determine how much you will need. Each filling product description will give you volume in square inches for each box. This may all sound very complicated but it is really quite easy. We will walk you through an example: Project: I have a large floor cushion that is 30" X 30" X 13" that I would like to fill with hemp fiber. I want a firm, packed cushion so that I can also use as both a foot rest and a coffee table without any sharp edges as we have a toddler. Fill calculation: Our bulk box of hemp is 4,752 square inches (each filling's product page lists the box weight with the square inch volume) Step 1 is to measure the volume of the case 30 X 30 X 13 = 10,800. This is a large number but do not be intimidated by it! Step 2 is to divide the volume from step 1 by the bulk box volume: 10,800 divided by 4,752 = 2.27 bulk boxes Hmm, how can I purchase the .27 part? Take the decimal .27 and multiply it by the bulk box square inch number 4752 and you get 1283 which is closest to two full boxes which are 792 square inches each. If you want to keep your project within a certain budget, you could decide to also fill the cushion with something you have on hand that fills out half of the volume, layering the hemp on the sides, top and bottom edges to add the softness! If you are unsure about how much to order, reach out, we are here to help. Remember you always want to order more than you think you need, it's no fun to run out of your filling before you finish your project.

What about allergies?

If you think you may be allergic to any of our natural materials, please consult your doctor before ordering. Note that our warehouse contains all materials on our site plus additional materials we may not have listed for prototyping. If you have any concerns about allergies, please contact us before placing your order. Most of our team have pets at home. All are non smokers.

Will adding natural fillings to may home attract pests?

Our fillings do not offer any nutritional value so pests may be curious about them but they will not find them to be a food source. If your home already has a pest problem, they may seek out your natural materials to borrow them for use in their own nests! We inspect for pest issues here continuously and have full confidence that your materials will arrive free of any pests.

Do you sell wholesale?

At this time we do not sell wholesale. You will find our bulk boxes offer the best price.

Do you ship internationally?

In general, we do not ship outside the contiguous US nor to remote areas within the US. The reason being is that each material will need special treatments to meet export regulations or it is may not be economically feasable to ship to some areas. What about Canada, Alaska and Hawaii? If you live in a remote US area or somewhere that shares the same land mass with the US, export regulations are more relaxed and we may be able to ship to your area. We can ship our sample, full size and craft size boxes to Hawaii for no additional charge. Contact us with your order details + shipping address and we will send you the international shipping upcharge and a message to let you know if we can ship to your location. Note that duties and taxes are not included in the additional shipping charge and will be collected within Canada.

Why should I upgrade the filing in my home?

An estimated 80-100% of the flame retardants in upholstered furniture are found in the foam inside removable cushions. If you have inspected the label on your furniture and believe it likely contains flame retardants, it is possible to replace the cushions with a new filling that does not contain flame retardants. Flame retardants used in foams and plastics may be persistent, bioaccumulative, and/or toxic. Exposure to certain flame retardants has been associated with endocrine disruption, neurological and reproductive harm, and/or cancer. PBDEs have been found to interfere with thyroid function and lead to deficits in children's fine motor function, attention and IQ. Largely because of fire safety requirements created in California in the 1970s, the chemicals were suddenly present in the bodies of most Americans, even though several PBDEs were phased out of use in 2004. Source: Green Science Policy Institute

Are your imported hulls roasted or treated in any way?

Great question. Most imported hulls are inexpensive as they are generally roasted (baked at temperatures over 500 degrees, leaving them dry and brittle) or fumigated with chemicals to meet customs regulations before entering the US. Ours are different. First, the only reason we import hulls is either they are not grown organically here in the US or we have found a supplier with a superior quality hull from another country. We guarantee that none of our fillings have been roasted or chemically treated and are all dusted clean and suitable for use in bedding. Our organic buckwheat hulls are brought in from Canada. Buckwheat grows well in a cooler climate and since Canada and the US share the same land mass, customs regulations do not require chemical treatments or roasting. We also have a few fillings that are sourced from a small German Manufacturer. They infuse their natural materials with tree ruber (aka natural latex). Because of this coating, we are able to bring this filling in without needing to treat it in any way. If you have any concerns regarding imported hulls, please do not hesitate to contact us!

What is the best way to dispose of the fillings in my home that contain chemical flame retardants?

Simple answer is to dispose of it and DO NOT DONATE IT. Sadlly, the landfill is currently the only available method for disposing of furniture and foams that contain flame retardants. Donating or reselling cushions that contain flame retardants can result in prolonged exposures for the next owner (often low-income families and students). Contact your city or waste management facility to arrange for a pick-up or find out where the drop-off location is for bulk items in your region.