Hemp is (finally) back

Hemp is an AMAZING plant and has been illegal to grow in the US, until now. Why would it be illegal to grow? Hemp shares the same lineage with marajuana, looks similar, but does not contain enough THC to get you high. Law makers argued that legalizing hemp would create feilds of camaflage for illegal growers of marajuana. Now that the world is coming around to see the benefits of both of these plants, the laws are finally loosening and hemp is now being grown legally in the US by special licenses given out to a few select farmers.

Hemp requires no herbicides and pesticides to grow and actually improves the soil it is farmed on. Hemp can be a replacement of cotton which relies so heavily on pesticides and depletes the soil of nutrients. Hemp can make many useful products such as paper, fabric, rope, upholstery fillings, artistic medium, insulation, beauty products, medicinal oils and many more.

Our product choice from this plant is the fiber, taken from the stalks. It is strong and long lasting and can be used similar to how horsehair and coconut coir is used for traditional, high end upholstery. But by the pound, this will be our most economical filling.

Read more about hemp here.

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