Organic Buckwheat Hull Adventure

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By replacing the toxic fillings in your home you are not only creating a healthier home and world, but you will be taking the reigns on an exciting journey into the unkown.

Ok, maybe it will not feel that glamorous to everyone, but for me, receiving my first bulk bag of buckwheat hulls transported me somehow to a former time where creating something was a necessity, not a luxury. Running my hands through them and working on projects around my home filled with them was somehow a relaxing escape that sparked my creativity and grounded me in a way that is hard to describe.

Organic buckwheat hulls:

My first buckwheat hull filled project was woven canvas tubes filled with organic buckwheat hulls. The design came out of a need for a new mattress and being a young mother with twins, I felt a very deep need to make it 100% pure and organic for my new family.

An idea came to me after seeing an image of a necklace made from a tube of translucent fabric holding the beads inside verses beads being strung on a cord through their core. It was a new twist on how things can be done and it inspired me. The next day I made this pattern by twisting long canvas tubes filled with pods of buckwheat hulls:

So, where will your favorite natural filling take you?

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