Scent Marketing and Better Sleep

Updated: Mar 23, 2018

In a world filled with scent targeting, mattress stores have really missed the boat. Walk around any department store and focus on the smells around you ... they are scent marketing; pumping scented air from vents above your head trying to target your emotions to influence your buying behavior. Walk into most mattress stores and you are hit by flourescent lighting and the strong smell, a strange mix of off-gassing petroleum products. Makes you want to wrap one of those big hunks of foam and throw it on top of your car, dosen't it?

Here at The Natural Filling Store, we believe that your bedroom is the most important place to add aromas that can help you relax and lure your body into its needed slumber.

Does a week at the beach make you think of relaxed muscles, lungs filled with healthy sea air and warm skin bathed in salt and cocoa butter? We are introducing a rare pillow offering; one

filled with natural tree rubber coated seaweed. Although the scent of the sea will reduce drastically as this filling cures, it will still be there mingling with your dreams.

Introducing tree rubber infused seaweed filling:

(Shop our "Fillings" collection for this material)

Get this rare filling while supplies last.

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