sample        A generous handfull of spongy, structural hemp fiber.

craft box      Weight:   10 oz     *Volume:    240 square inches

full box         Weight:   2.5 lbs   *Volume:   792 square inches

bulk box       Weight:   12 lbs    *Volume: 4752 square inches


* Packaged natural fillings may arrive in a smaller box volume if the filling is able to be compressed more for shipping purposes.  

Hemp Fiber

  • Hemp is a structural, lightweight filling.  Use hemp fiber to create the firm body of your project. Layer this fiber under our premium fibers to reduce your project's overall cost. 


    Felt your hemp fibers to replace non-biodegradable petroleum-based sponges.  Hemp is long lasting, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial which is the perfect combination for kitchen and exfoliating bath sponges.


    The feel of hemp fibers falls somewhere between horsehair and wool but is the kindest and more economical choice of the three.


    Our economical raw hemp fiber can be washed (recommended).  See Care section below how to clean your hemp fiber.


    If you need comfort in a very thin layer, this is the filling to use.  Hemp fiber compresses to a malleable layer, giving soft structure to any form. Great medium for crafts.

    More information on hemp fibers can be found below.