We have combed the earth for the best materials we could find and created this alluring sample box for you.  Which do you think will be your favorite?  


  1. Buckwheat hulls   
  2. Lavender millet hulls
  3. Rubber infused millet hulls
  4. Rubber infused seaweed
  5. Rubber infused spelt hulls
  6. Thermal stones (cherry pits)
  7. Kapok 
  8. Raw hemp fiber


Sample Box

  • You will receive a generous handful (size as shown in photos) of our eight natural fillings.  If you want less than 8, you can order our half sample box.  Just let us know which 4 you prefer in the box above.  Individual samples can be ordered from each fillings product page.  


    + Note these are natural upholstery fillings and NOT for human consumption.


    + Thermal stones (cherry pits), like many fruit pits, can be harmful if consumed, so please keep loose pits away from pets and children.  The sample size we provide is enough to make a natural heating pad or a cooling eye mask.  See Thermal Stones product page for more information.


    + Kapok fiber can be an eye/lung irritant. Fibers will become airborne when taken out of its packaging, so please handle with care and simply wash your hands after handling.  Use a mask and eye protection when working with kapok to avoid any irritation.   Do not let young children near loose kapok fibers.