sample        A generous handfull of springy, fresh buckwheat hulls.

craft box      Weight:  1.5 lbs    *Volume:  240 square inches

full box         Weight:     5 lbs    *Volume:  792 square inches

bulk box       Weight:   35 lbs    *Volume:  4752 square inches


* Packaged natural fillings may arrive in a smaller box volume if the filling is able to be compressed more for shipping purposes.  

Buckwheat Hulls

  • Organic buckwheat hulls have been favored for centuries to fill pillows, meditation cushions, mats, futons, and mattresses.  Super clean, chemical free, non-roasted buckwheat hulls are grown in Canada without herbicides or pesticides.


    A versatile filling that is long lasting.  Body contouring and supportive. Sleep cooler.  No need to flip your pillow to the cool side!


    * Buckwheat hulls do not work for heating or cooling pads (no thermal mass) and should never be put in the microwave.  For a filling to use in a heating or cooling pad, see our thermal stone listing.