Single Pocket, Zippered Neck Pillow Insert 10" X 30"


Outer Neck Pillow Envelope Pillowcase  10" X 30"


Single Pocket, Zippered Wedge Pillow  10" X 15"


100% Organic Cotton (note zipper is non-organic)


Natural Fillings sold separately.  Zippered insert holds any of our natural fillings.  


See recommended fillings and quantities below right under RECOMMENDED FILLING QUANTITIES.


Neck and Wedge Pillow Inserts + Cases (a la carte)

  • When sleeping on a firmer mattress, sometimes the best head, neck and spine alignment can be acheived by using a thinner pillow.


    Encase your natural fillings using a zippered pillow insert.


    Once zippered, your fillings will stay encased in a parcel that is easily removed from its outer pillowcase on laundry day.  


    The inserts and outer, envelope pillowcases are made from 100% organic cotton double knit fabric.  


    Extremely soft with a slight stretch, these inserts make a very quiet hull pillow.   


    This pillow is also easy to pack so you will never have to worry about sleeping without it while traveling.  


    Many customers order a pair of outer pillow cases for every insert so a fresh case can always be on hand.