sample       A generous handfull of body contouring infused millet hulls. 

craft box     Weight:    1 lbs    *Volume:    240 square inches

full box        Weight:    3 lbs    *Volume:    792 square inches

bulk box      Weight:  18 lbs    *Volume:  4752 square inches


* Packaged natural fillings may arrive in a smaller box volume if the filling is able to be compressed more for shipping purposes.  

Infused Millet Hulls

  • Makes a perfect pillow for relief from neck and shoulder pain.  Great for layering over our firmer fillings for full body-conforming support.


    The combination of two natural products, millet hulls, and natural tree rubber, creates a filling that is preserved, long lasting, and virtually dust free.  


    Infused millet hulls can even be washed occasionally in the washing machine!  (see our care section for more information on washing).  


    Slight clumping of this product is normal.  Any grouped hulls will easily separate apart as you use your pillow.