sample      a generous handfull of lightweight, infused spelt hulls

craft box    Weight:    10 oz     *Volume:    240 square inches

full box       Weight:    2.5 lbs   *Volume:    792 square inches

bulk box     Weight:    15 lbs    *Volume:  4752 square inches


*  Volume calculations above may varry when material is unpackaged and fluffed for use as fill. Packaged natural fillings may come in a smaller box volume if the filling is able to be compressed more for shipping purposes.

Infused Spelt Hulls

  • Rubber infused spelt hulls are nature's bean bag pellets.  


    Use this filling when you want to make a lightweight cushion or a weighted blanket for improved sleep.  


    Spelt hulls are normally delicate but the infusion of natural tree rubber transforms them into a long-lasting, versatile filling with many uses.  


    Use this machine washable filling to replace synthetic polyfill, pellets, and shredded foam in your home.


    Think about layering this premium filling over our economical hemp or kapok fillings.