sample       You will receive a generous handfull of wild infused seaweed.

craft box    Weight:   6 oz    *Volume:    240 square inches

full box       Weight:  1 lbs    *Volume:    792 square inches

bulk box     Weight:  6 lbs    *Volume:  4752 square inches


* Packaged natural fillings may arrive in a smaller box volume if the filling is able to be compressed more for shipping purposes.  

Infused Seaweed

  • Foraged seaweed coated in natural tree rubber makes a great, natural alternative to synthetic polyfill for throw pillows.  The texture is straw like with a slight crinkle sound when you squeeze it. 


    The fibers are waterproof and fast drying and they can even be machine washed.  This filling carries a faint aroma of the sea making it the perfect filling for your beach house or boat.


    Filled with seaweed, your pillows are now more than just pillows, they are sure to be conversation pieces!


    Pair with infused millet hulls for a luxury bed pillow experience inside our double pocked organic cotton inserts.